June 7th 2020

Today I drove home for a(n almost post-covid) family reunion. I’ve only seen my sisters a couple of times this year, and I think we’ve not all been together for three months.

I was lured home with the promise of a barbecue, but when I arrived I discovered, to my horror, that Mum had cooked an equally delicious curry instead. Oh, the humanity.

It was nice to be with everyone again. I did have to put up with a bit of an earbashing over some of my life choices and opinions on personal finances, but that’s the thing with families, and siblings in particular: even though you’re all basically genetically the same person, you grow into completely different people with different ideologies and philosophies and priorities and oh, the humanities.

Although as you grow up you tend to gravitate towards friend groups and life partners with a similar outlook to you, you don’t get to choose your family. So you all end up pretty different but also kind of the same?

That said, both of my sisters were in agreement that I was being a dumbass, so maybe it’s just me.

Until tomorrow,


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