June 10th 2020

Today our CEO basically confirmed that we won’t be back in the office until at least September. I think I’ve started a blog post with a similar sentence before, but this whole thing is by this point just blurring into one long day, so it’s hard to tell where the breaks are.

I’ve definitely spoken about it being September before, but I think at that time it was more “hypothetical”, and I use air quotes because at the time they were saying August/September but my boss was saying September/October.

I’m done with this whole thing now. I’m now even having dreams about being back at work. Last night we were all in the office organising a trip for my boss to go to South Africa for a conference. Except he’s not South African. It was odd. And it would never happen. But I still have dreams about Pizza Hut and I’ve not worked there in 5 years so I guess it’s not surprising.

Until tomorrow, we only have 3-6 more working months of this.


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