June 13th 2020 Today I gave away a whole load of my clothes to charity. Well, I would have done if I could have found the charity clothes bin in the Tesco car park. It was the thought that counted, or something. Nah, I will take them back to the clothes bin once I’ve figured out where it was. I needed to go into Tesco as well, and I’m too socially awkward to ask the dude on the door “where is the clothes bin” or “can i leave this here while I shop” and so I walked back to my … Continue reading Wardrobe


June 12th 2020 Today I kind of just couldn’t be assed with. I wanted my work day to be over. I didn’t enjoy my run. And I couldn’t be bothered to cook dinner properly. Friday init. I did make it to 40 days of running every day. So that’s something. 40 days makes me like Jesus or something, right? If you’ll excuse the blasphemy at this hour of the day. I did watch a decent film this evening though. Ex Machina, have you seen it? It’s good. Until tomorrow, I’m glad it’s Friday. Jacn Continue reading Assed