June 13th 2020

Today I gave away a whole load of my clothes to charity. Well, I would have done if I could have found the charity clothes bin in the Tesco car park. It was the thought that counted, or something.

Nah, I will take them back to the clothes bin once I’ve figured out where it was. I needed to go into Tesco as well, and I’m too socially awkward to ask the dude on the door “where is the clothes bin” or “can i leave this here while I shop” and so I walked back to my flat, put the bag of clothes inside, and went back to Tesco.

I’d decided to sort out my wardrobe a few weeks ago. I’d gotten around to it today. I basically wanted to throw away any t-shirts that I either don’t wear, or don’t like to wear. There are some that I think swamp me, and don’t fit my quite right, and they need to get gone. And so, I did.

I have a £200 ASOS basket waiting for me to complete my purchase, I just have to be in a particular kinda mood in order to spend money. So next time that happens, I’ll have replaced my newly emptied wardrobe no problem.

Until tomorrow, it’s hard to let go.


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