June 15th 2020

Today I’ve booked an osteopath appointment because my shoulder pain is becoming insufferable. This morning I could barely put on a t-shirt, and it was even harder to take it off.

I complained to Em at work and I think I must have been complaining for weeks and she was sick of hearing me moan about it, so told me to book an osteopath appointment. I’m not entirely sure what an osteopath is, or in what ways it differs from a chiropracter, but I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday.

On the phone they told me that I’d have to wear a facemask for my appointment, and I guess that makes sense given the current situation, but it’s still a super weird concept. Also I don’t have a facemask so I’ve had to Amazon Prime a box of ten because that’s all I could get on one-day delivery for under twenty bucks.

I’m hoping that the osteopath is going to just, like, fix me, and isn’t going to prescribe me a bunch of exercises and stretches to do, because I know full well that I’m not going to do any of them. I’m just not the type. I want to give a person fifty bucks and walk out feeling like a new man, with a new back/shoulder.

Until tomorrow, we’ll find out on Wednesday.


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