June 20th 2020

Today I spent half my run dodge duck dip dive and dodging through the crowds of people at Cheltenham’s Pittville Park who have clearly had enough of lockdown. Or maybe lockdown has officially ended. How can you tell?

I’ve run through that park every day for the last 48 days, so I’ve used it as a sort of barometer for the nation’s easing of the lockdown rules. I never actually ran through there before lockdown, so I don’t have a pre-covid sample to compare it to, but I would describe today’s crowd as: ‘busy’.

I think lockdown is over. Lockdown won’t feel officially over until I’m back at work and in the office, but at least socially, lockdown feels pretty over. I follow some Germans and French and Kiwis on Instagram, and by the state of their Stories, it’s over for them too.

I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not, because I’ve not paid enough attention to the news to know what kind of measures should still be in place, nor how likely we are to suffer a second spike.

I think because I’m still potentially three months from returning to work, it’s still felt like we’re in peak corona. Although I just checked and we had 128 deaths today. That number doesn’t sound insignificant, but apparently it’s the lowest Saturday number for a while. So, yay?

Until tomorrow, I want to go to the pub.


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