June 19th 2020

Today I have a new favourite drink of choice. I now love a White Russian, apparently. A White Russian is made from Kahlua, Vodka, and traditionally cream. I’ve been guzzling White Russians made from just Kahlua and, controversially, maybe, milk. It’s a semi-virgin White Russian, if you will.

I like it because it’s almost Bailey’s. And I really like Bailey’s. I’ve been known to drink a bottle of Bailey’s in one sitting at Christmastime. And then by boxing day I have a sugar hangover and an actual hangover.

Anyway, I like a White Russian because it looks fancy in an Old Fashioned glass when poured over ice. Also if you don’t fully stir it the different densities cause the liquids to separate. This would look cooler if I did it with cream, but I don’t have any:

Until tomorrow, it kinda just looks like a glass of milk.


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