June 26th 2020

Today I was told that we’re not going back to work until September 1st. And that when we got back it will be with social distancing rules, and restrictions that will mean we can’t use the kitchens, coffee machines, or leave the building at all during the day. We’ll have to wipe down our desks three times a day, and take it in turns to walk in and out of the building.

So really, we’re not going back to work at all. We’re going back to something that was never previously what work was like. Although having a date soothes me a bit, because the eternal unknown was both ominous and terrifying, the fact that it’s going to under such restrictions makes me question the point of going back at all.

There’s an option for us to go back in a red team/blue team on days/off days kinda thing, but I don’t see the point in that. The halfway phase will feel even weirder than working from home, because now we’ve just about adjusted to WFH, we’ll have to adjust to the half-WFH/half-office thing. And then we’ll have to adjust to the being back in the office but it not being like before thing. I think it’s just better to wait until we can be normal again.

I want to see everyone again, but I want it to be proper.

Until tomorrow, no half measures.


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