June 28th 2020

Today I finished week 8 of my 5k every day fad. 56 straight days without a day off. I’m pretty impressed by that. I’m mainly impressed that I’ve managed it so far without injury. I have the world’s weakest shins and a groin that can pull at any moment. But so far, a month and a half in, there’ve been no niggles. No aches. No pulls.

At no point during the streak have I deliberately overexerted myself, and I’ve managed to find a rhythm and pace that is comfortable enough that come the next day, my legs don’t hurt and nor does my heart. Or my lungs! I think that’s just called fitness. Also, it’s happiness.

My running ability is so intrisically linked to my mental health, that when I go through troughs it’s sometimes hard to tell whether I’m not running because I’m sad or I’m sad because I’m not running. Right now, it’s hard to tell whether I’m running so much because I’m happy, or I’m happy because I’m running so much.

Either way, I am physically and mentally in the best shape I’ve been for in a long time.

Until tomorrow, those things are definitely linked.


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