July 31st 2020 Today I should be on a train to London because the train to London at 8am tomorrow morning DIDNT seem like an appropriate thing to do. Woah caps. I’m supposed to be there tomorrow lunchtime. But the 8am train turned into a bus and let’s be honest that wasn’t going to happen. Nor apparently was the 9pm train tonight. It was ambitious but I’ve already paid for it. Until tomorrow, tomorrow’s problem is tomorrow’s problem. Jacn Continue reading Caps


July 30th 2020 Today I think I’m going to have an early night to prepare for what is going to be a weekend of little sleep, and lots of alcohol. I’m going into work tomorrow, and then disappearing to the pub at midday and will not be seen for the rest of the day. I’m getting the train in, and the train back, which usually means it’s not going to go well. Or go really well, depending on which way you look at it. I somehow have to wake up early enough to go for a run before I get … Continue reading Wake


July 29th 2020 Today it was back to the regularly scheduled programming of going out for lunch and then drinks after work and then figuring out the rest of the evening from there. Just like it used to be pre-Covid. We had a fancyish groupish lunch and then later went for drinks because, well, because Wednesday, and then I got a taxi home because driving didn’t seem appropriate after that many Asahi. And so here we are. Is this okay? It is legal. Until tomorrow, is this okay? Jacn Continue reading Pre


July 26th 2020 Today I had the briefest of hesitations of whether I should run or not. I did, but it was at 8pm and it was raining and I still felt tired and kinda hungover. I considerd the fact that 83 days was a decent run, so to speak, and that I could just stop it there. And then I went for a run anyway. It was actually a decent run in the end as well. Usually when I run I listen to the Fake Doctors, Real Friends/Scrubs rewatch podcast from Zach Braff and Donald Faison, but I’d already … Continue reading Hesitations


23rd July 2020 Today I reneged on my decision to not drink during the week. It just seemed an appropriate course of action, given the events of the day. Two separate trips to Tesco to buy a bottle of wine on a Thursday isn’t tragic, it’s fun. What is tragic, though, is that I just wrote ‘tracking’ instead of ‘tragic’ because I was thinking about a work thing. Clearly need more wine. One moment please. I decided not to drink during the week because I drank a lot last weekend and I’m gonna drink a lot this weekend too. But … Continue reading Reneged


22nd July 2020 Today I paid a dude £300 to fix the brakes on my car in order for it to pass it’s MOT. Are functioning brakes really worth £300? Perhaps. It still hurt though. To make up for spending £300 on brakes I spent £18 on a t-shirt to wear to London next week. Also, to make up for deciding to eat a salad for lunch, I did that thing I do where I make a chilli with 750g of meat and somehow make just three portions out of it. I made up for the fact that my body … Continue reading Made