July 2nd 2020

Today forget all that stuff I said about not going back to work until September, because I’m going back next week.

We’ve been told that we have the option of going back if we want to, but with a load of restrictions in place. To begin with, I wasn’t fussed. Because as I see it, it was already a transition going from working in the office to working from home, and then in September we’d have to transition from working from home to working from the office. Adding in another transitionary period going from working from home to kind of working from the office seemed pointless.

Then I got FOMO. A few of my team went into the office yesterday, and just knowing they were there made me feel like I was missing out, so now I’m keen to get back.

I’ve sent the confirmation emails I need to send, I’ve booked the back to work briefing, and I could be back in the office as early as Monday. It’s all voluntary, and we’re not yet being ‘requested’ back in, so for now it will be quieter in the office, but I think it’ll still be preferable to working from my flat.

I didn’t realise that I was ready to go back, but now that it’s an option, I’m really keen for it. Sure, I’m not looking forward to commuting or wearing trousers, but I think trousers are sort of required for office working.

Until tomorrow, I could get away with chino shorts at a push.


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