July 7th 2020

Today I was back in the office for the first time in over 3 months. I immediately, yet accidentally, flouted the return-to-work rules by not sanitising my hands on the way in (I had a coffee in each hand) and then followed up my flouting with some more flouting by walking through the office without a mask on. A good start.

I only lasted like three hours. It got to lunchtime and I was told that, because, y’know, Covid, we couldn’t use the microwave and also couldn’t use any of the plates. I thought without a microwave it may be difficult to heat the packet of rice and leftover pork that I brought with me for lunch, so when I became too hungry to work I drove home.

During this voluntary return-to-work phase, we’ve been asked to bring in our own lunch and to avoid eating out wherever possible, but without access to a microwave or plates I’m not totally sure how I plan on doing that. I like to have a full-blown cooked meal for lunch, and I couldn’t survive on a sandwich.

Also, we can’t use the coffee machines or go for a run. So without coffee, food, or running, I’m struggling to see the point in volunteering to go into work. Except for the, y’know, work.

I wanted to go in, just to dip my toes in, and I think I’ll still go in maybe two days a week until September, when my company are going to start ‘requesting’ that people return to work full time.

Until tomorrow, today will do for now.


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