July 8th 2020

Today I disassembled an old bed and then assembled half of a new bed. Thankfully, by that I don’t mean that I gave up halfway through and decided to sleep on just a mattress tonight. Instead I mean that my flatmate built the other half.

He is much more practically inclined than me, so I took great pleasure in pointing out that he’d screwed one of the drawers on backwards, and then I felt great guilt in taking great pleasure because he had just spent half his afternoon helping me to assemble my bed.

The old one broke (stop it) because I bought cheap. This one is less cheap, but still an acceptable amount of money to spend on a bed.

Annoyingly, three hours building it and it looks basically the same as the old one. Except this one doesn’t force a concave mattress because of the three middle slats that are split in half (stop it).

The bed was the first purchase in my home decoration project, because now my flatmate’s moving out I feel like I need to do that kind of thing. I’ve kinda felt like I was just living here, but now I should make the effort to live here. For the next six months until the lease runs out, at least, that is.

Until tomorrow, next stop, wall art.


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