July 9th 2020

Today for Spence’s last night in the flat we ordered a takeaway, drank some beer, and watched the football. That’s also what we did on our first night in the flat so it was a nice cyclical conclusion to our time as flatmates. Also, this burger was incredible:

We drank Sol, which accompanies Budweiser and Corona in the “beers that you can drink many of and not really enjoy or feel any different other than the incessant need to pee” sector of beer. That burger though? I enjoyed that.

It was nice to have a final night together, and move on as mates. There’s no bad blood, or resentment, we just both needed to move on for our own reasons. We’ve moved all of his furniture out of his room and turned it into my office by moving my office furniture partly out of my bedroom and partly out of the living room. Doing that has made the place look so much bigger. And now I have it all to myself.

Until tomorrow, I need to figure out what to do with all this space.


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