July 11th 2020

Today I was supposed to set up my new office but I’m hungover so instead I mostly napped and ate leftover cold pizza and it’s gotta be said that leftover cold pizza is loads better than fresh hot pizza and I will literally fight you if you disagree.

It was a buy one get one free kind of situation at Domino’s, so naturally I got two large pizzas because more free pizza is better than less free pizza, but that meant I spent most of my morning alternating between “I can’t eat another slice” and “Oh go on then”.

And so, a combination of the leftover cold pizza and the aforementioned hangover meant that I napped for much of the day and did absolutely none of the things I had planned. My flatmate moved out yesterday so I was supposed to sort out my new office, and clean the fridge, and buy a hoover, and apparently go to my Mum’s for brunch (where I doubt she’d’ve been serving leftover cold pizza).

Today-me decided that those are chores are a problem for tomorrow-me. And today-me is assisting tomorrow-me by not drinking either of the bottles of wine still in the fridge. Instead I’m going to drink them both.


Until tomorrow, if I nap again now I can just call it sleep.


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