July 12th 2020

Today was an incredibly — if not uncharacteristically — productive day. I set up my new office. I deep cleaned the fridge. And then I deep cleaned the rest of the kitchen. I did two loads of washing. I went for a run.

I did a load of ‘adult’ type things that I’m sure most people do once a week. But deep cleaning the fridge? I’m not sure I’ve ever done that in my life. Now that I live on my own I’m going to have to do that kind of thing. And in a weird way I’m more willing to do it now, because I’m doing it for myself?

Like, if I want this place to look nice I’ve gotta put the effort in. And so when I started to do things this morning I kinda couldn’t stop until I had done most of the stuff I needed to do. And also some stuff that I didn’t even really need to do.

I’m happy with my office set up. There’s a load of wires that are tangling up behind the screen, but at the moment they’re kind of out of sight/out of mind.

It also seems like in this new setup I’m gonna get a good amount of natural light in while I’m working, which helps. I’ve just noticed more wires. Hmm. I must look into how I can make there be no wires.

This evening I felt weirdly satisfied by opening my fridge and seeing how clean and tidy it looks. Now that everything in there is mine, I can have things in an order that makes sense to me, and I don’t have to worry about my flatmate’s stuff. Sure, he’d probably be a bit annoyed considering I never cleaned the fridge while he lived here, but idk, now he’s moved out I just felt like it.

I still have more stuff to do, and more stuff to buy, but today I made good progress.

Until tomorrow, it won’t last.


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