july 14th 2020

Today I made a whole bunch of plans to populate my social calendar over the next few weekends. My first social event post-lockdown was last weekend’s pub/football session with three friends in Gloucester, then the weekend just gone I spent Friday in the pub with six people from work.

Slowly, the occasions are involving more people, and lasting longer. This weekend coming builds on that, and then the weekend after amplifies it slightly, while the first weekend of August is basically back to real life.

I’m at my sister’s this Saturday for what will be a more chill, relaxed BBQ session, and then I might even play golf with my Dad on the Sunday. That’s a responsibly distanced, civilised weekend.

But next weekend I’m going out for lunch with one group of mates, and then a different a group have booked three tables at three different bars in Swindon, and we’re going to hit them back to back because (because corona) you can’t stay in one place for longer than two hours, or with more than six people. So six of us are doing that.

Then the weekend after that, I’m at a house party in London. That’s the one that seems the most irresponsible, but I think we’re now at a point where that’s almost acceptable, right? Sure, it being London changes things slightly, and it does make me feel iffy, but mostly because I still have this unfounded sense of guilt that I’m breaking the law. Which I’m not. The bards are open legally now.

Still, maybe it’s the anxiety of suddenly having to remember how to socialise with people after almost 4 months in relative isolation.

Until tomorrow, I was never great at that in the first place.


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