July 15th 2020

Today I drank a bottle of wine on a video call with my boss(‘s boss) after work and then remembered I hadn’t been for a run. So yes, I went for a run while drunk. Somehow, it was fine.

I’d walked into my living room, seen my headphones on the side, and somehow that prompted that me into remembering that I still needed to run. I’d skipped going at lunch because I’d skipped breakfast so needed food instead of exercise. I figured I’d just go after work instead, but then, well, you know what happened because I’ve already mentioned it like twice.

I’ve ran a 5k 72 (now 73) days in a row, so I kind of had no excuse but to run drunk, because it was either run drunk or don’t run. And I wasn’t giving up the streak. I guess I could have attempted to sober up and run later on, but nah. Drunk run instead.

For the first kilometre I kinda just kept giggling to myself because it felt funny to me that I was running while drunk, but then the rhythm kicked in and I just kinda finished the run. It wasn’t any slower, or even faster, than normal, nor was it really any harder. After 2.5 months of running that route every day, I’m fairly sure I could do it in my sleep by now. Which I basically did. My brain was asleep but my legs weren’t.

Until tomorrow, I think I’ll try it sober tomorrow though.


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