July 16th 2020

Today I agreed to climb Mount Snowdon in 3 weeks time. Mount Snowdon is one of the three highest mountains in Great Britain. It’s either second or third after either Ben Nevis and/or Scaffell Pike. I could google the answer for more accuracy, or I could leave it up to chance and say that I think it’s the second highest after Ben Nevis.

If I’m wrong, please don’t let me know. I’d prefer to imagine that I got it right.


My friend Jim text me out of nowhere to ask if I wanted to climb it and, like, yeah. Snowdon is only about 1000m tall, and when Jim and I were in New Zealand we climbed Roy’s Peak in Wanaka which is a good 500m higher.

Plus, we climbed Roy’s Peak at 2am in subzero temperatures because we wanted to get to the top for this sunrise:

I don’t expect that Snowdon will have quite as marvellous a sunrise, nor do I think we’re even going to be there at sunrise, but nonetheless it’ll be a good laugh.

After being stuck inside for much of lockdown, I’ve been itching to get out on an adventure. I was hoping the adventure would be to a far away, exotic land, but I guess Wales will have to do.

Until tomorrow, I hope it’s warm.


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