July 18th 2020

Today my car failed it’s MOT and it’s gonna cost me 300 bucks to fix. Ffs, Fiesta. I mean, yes, I do a fair amount of miles in the thing, and I don’t look after it as well as perhaps I could, but the car is like 4 years old in total, it’s not supposed to fail MOTs so drastically.

I need new break pads, something about coils, and well, yeah, this:

I’ll accept fault for that. It’s been like that a while. I was filling up one time and I forgot to close the flap and I guess it just flapped away. Apparently a car can’t pass an MOT with that like that, because if the car rolls over you kinda don’t want it spilling petrol everywhere.

Who knew?

So now I have to get that replaced, and my brakes replaced, and whatever that coil spring thing means. 300 bucks. I could do without that. I was hoping it would cruise through with maybe just a tyre required, but alas.

Until tomorrow, the fuel flap is my fault tho.


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