July 18th 2020

Today I won a real life game of scrabble as opposed to a fake one. Then I won a game of Quiplash. Then I won two games of Knowledge is Power.

We undefeated. We undefeated. We undefeated. Rich what? Richmond. Rich what? Richmond.

And then I lost to Steve at Fifa but we don’t talk about that. We instead consider the games of knowledge, rather than skill. And I won those. We undefeated.

I’m at my sister’s for a barbecue. I won the games. It was the lowest point scrabble game I’ve had in a while because Steve insisted we needed to be able to define each word we played. And I don’t know what XI or Ja or Zo means, but I know they work as scrabble words.

I won on the very last letter I played. Kirstyn was fuming, but I won everything else from there too.

Until tomorrow, winner winner.


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