July 20th 2020

Today I made carbonara instead of carbonara. For that sentence to work, please re-read it but roll the r’s on the second carbonara. Because I didn’t make carbonara, I made carbonara. This distinction would work much better if spoken aloud, but that’s not really the point of a blog.

Anyway, I disrespected some italian grandmas by putting garlic in my carbonara. I also used a mix of pecorino and parmesan, I emulsified the egg/cheese mix with a dash of starchy pasta water, and I served it with a sprinkle of diced parsley for the aesthetic.

It was really good, but it was not authentic or traditional italian carbonara, and for that I’d like to apologise to nobody. Because I am also not an authentic italian so I will cook my carbonara with garlic and I won’t roll any of the r’s, so fuck y’all.

I didn’t take a photo of the carbonara, because it looked so good and tasted so good that it didn’t really last long enough for a photo.

Until tomorrow, use your imagination.


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