July 21st 2020

Today my body aches all over because of a round of golf.

Also I want to go out and do normal things with the people I love.

Also I want to know what my life is going to be like in six months time.

Also I don’t know what normal is supposed to be.

Also I realised too late that I didn’t have appropriate salad for my chicken, jacket potato and salad so I overcooked a pan sauce that I had to then throw away and I ended up just having to pour gravy on what was supposed to be a healthy dinner to make up for the fact that I had an unhealthy weekend.

Also the jacket potato was undercooked.

Also I feel really passive and that right now I’m just waiting for life to happen to me.

Also I’m really hoping I haven’t used the word ‘also’ as a blog title already, because I’ve kinda built this post around it.

Until tomorrow, we’re good, for now.


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