23rd July 2020

Today I reneged on my decision to not drink during the week. It just seemed an appropriate course of action, given the events of the day. Two separate trips to Tesco to buy a bottle of wine on a Thursday isn’t tragic, it’s fun. What is tragic, though, is that I just wrote ‘tracking’ instead of ‘tragic’ because I was thinking about a work thing.

Clearly need more wine. One moment please.

I decided not to drink during the week because I drank a lot last weekend and I’m gonna drink a lot this weekend too. But then Thursday happened. And this particular Thursday was challenging. Very, very good, in parts, but challenging in others. And so here we are. I have officially completed the New Zealand part of Tesco’s white wine section, and that definitely is tragic.

There is a Waitrose down the road, and that will take more A) time and B) money to complete.

Until tomorrow, maybe that’s for next week.


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