July 26th 2020

Today I had the briefest of hesitations of whether I should run or not. I did, but it was at 8pm and it was raining and I still felt tired and kinda hungover. I considerd the fact that 83 days was a decent run, so to speak, and that I could just stop it there.

And then I went for a run anyway. It was actually a decent run in the end as well. Usually when I run I listen to the Fake Doctors, Real Friends/Scrubs rewatch podcast from Zach Braff and Donald Faison, but I’d already listened to all of this week’s episodes, so I had to listen to music instead.

Running to music, I guess naturally, changed the tempo of my run. I’ve been pretty solidly hitting 25 minutes over 5k recently, but with music on instead of the podcast, I came in at just over 23:30.

It also helped that, because Garmin’s servers are down, I wasn’t wearing my watch, and was timing my run from my phone that was nestled in a fanny pack/bum bag around my waist.

Not having the watch to check speed meant I kind of just ran at a tempo that made sense, and when I paused the Strava activity at the end of the run, I was surprised to see it was quicker than intended.

I guess maybe the rhythm of music encourages faster running. A podcast is more leisurely in tempo, and listening to people talk doesn’t get you in the same headspace as music does. That said, I find that a podcast is a nicer distraction, because you’re focusing on the podcast more than the running.

Until tomorrow, anyway, the streak continues.


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