August 7th 2020

Today I thought about taking the afternoon off work to play golf by myself. But, is that a thing people do? I mean, I’m sure it is a thing that people do. It’s almost a cliched thing for an old bloke to go and skip work to play golf and get away from his wife, but I am not old and I don’t have a wife. So is it a thing that people like me do?

Idk. Maybe. Honestly, if I knew anyone that lived nearby who owned a set of golf clubs, I might have asked them if they wanted a round. But the only people I could think of were my CEO, and my boss’s partner — both of whom it would not be appropriate to skive an afternoon’s work with.

I even looked and there was a free tee time at 12:36 at Cleeve Hill.

(for the avoidance of doubt, I was obviously going to book this afternoon as holiday through the appropriate channels if it came down to it, and not just disappear)

In the end, I didn’t go to golf. Mostly because I didn’t feel like being alone with my thoughts for four hours. That sounded lonely. Golf is much more fun when you’ve got someone to play with. So is life in general lol am I right?


Until tomorrow, at least if I went alone I would definitely have won.


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