August 10th 2020

Today I went to Wagamama for food twice in four hours. Pre-lockdown it was out go-to food place for lunch at work, and it re-opened again last week. I’ve been looking forward to going back, but it’s possible that going twice in the same day is a bit excessive.

To be fair, Rishi Sunak paid for one of them, and my boss paid for the other. Rishi Sunak (who is apparently a politician) paid because he/she (i’m really not sure) implemented a ‘eat out to help out’ government incentive to restart the economy that provides 50% off food in certain restaurants, of which Wagamama is one.

My boss paid for the other half because he bet me that we’d be back in the office as ‘business as usual’ before June 1st. He was royally wrong, and paid his debt with a Wagamama. And it tasted even better because of it.

Between my two sessions today, I covered just about half the menu. Or so it felt like. I had 5 different meats. I had, ahem:

Chicken gyoza, Korean barbecue beef hirata buns, pork and apple hirata buns, crispy chilli squid, duck donburi, and steak teriyaki soba. I think that was five. I lost count.

Oh, and bang bang cauliflower. But that isn’t a meat, no matter how hard vegetarians try to put it in places where meat should be.

Was it too much Wagas in one day? Maybe. But at least I ordered with enough variety that it was markedly different each time. It would be no different than having Wagas for lunch and then going home to cook noodles — which is likely what I would’ve done anyway.

Until tomorrow, it’s good to be back.


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