August 11th 2020

Today I ran a 5k for the 100th day in a row. I started this little fad in May, with the sole goal of getting to 21 days — because I swear by the ‘it takes 21 days to make a habit’ bullshit. 100 days later, it’s safe to say it’s a habit by now. I even went for a run today, on the hottest August day since the sun gave birth to the earth (or however science works).

Whether it’s 33 degrees outside at lunchtime or it’s 9pm and I’m a litre and a half of wine deep, I’m still going for a run. It’s now part of my day in the same way brushing my teeth and writing this blog is. I’ve been writing this blog every day for 2,049 days. I’ve still got some way to go before I catch up to that with my 5k streak. Though I guess if I continue both, I never will.

I was asked today if reaching 100 means I’ve hit my target, and if the streak is over now. Although it does feel kinda significant, the number is arbitrary. Running is part of my routine, and it’s good for me both physically and mentally, so I don’t see any reason why I’d stop doing it. Unless maybe if my legs stop working. That’d be awkward.

I attempted to be basic today and write ‘100’ in my Strava map. It kind of worked, but it also kind of looks like I drew Chuckie Finster’s glasses. Tomorrow I’ll just go back to my regularly scheduled Pittville Park loop.

Until tomorrow, here’s to the next century.


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