August 12th 2020

Today I’m going to write about the weather because I can’t be assed to get into the thing that I wanted to write about. And I calm, I am lovely, and I am professional, so what’s the point in bringing it up again.

Warm, ennit?

My morning coffee turned into my morning iced coffee and then very quickly turned back into my morning coffee when the ice melted beneath the suffocating smog of humidity that has engulfed my flat, my town, and much of the United Kingdom.

At one point I had an ice lolly because I remembered that my flatmate left some in the freezer when he moved out. I’ve not had an ice lolly probably since the Blackcurrant Calippo I had when we went to West Midlands Safari Park in, like, 2006 and Uncle David threw up on the Spinning Teacups ride because he got on directly after chugging two litres of Pepsi. That’s probably not actually the last time I had an ice lolly, but it was a nice memory. About vomit.

I was supposed to be going into the office today but the fact that, cuz covid, we aren’t allowed to use the aircon made me decide that staying at home where I can at least sit in front of, near to, and sometimes on top of my fan was the preferable option on a day like today.

And now the storms have come.

Until tomorrow, warm, ennit?


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