August 13th 2020

Today I finished the last of the 3 meals in my Hello Fresh box. My Mum’s been using them too and she could send me a free box, or something. So I chose my dishes and they arrived on Saturday.

Because I cook almost exclusively Asian food, I chose meals that I wouldn’t usually cook. So I chose:

  • Lamb Harissa Tacos

These were good, and definitely something I would not usually make for myself. Especially with all that lettuce. It turns out that harissa, whatever that is, is a banging flavour that I need more of in my life.


  • Sausage Bolognese Risotto

I’ve made risotto before but this was an alternate take on it, and a good way of getting some vegetables into me. There’s onion and carrot and spinach hidden in there amongst some meat. The good stuff. Made for good leftovers for lunch today.


  • Steak strips and potato wedges

I’m not hugely sure why I ordered this because it’s not really that dissimilar from something I’d usually cook if I was feeling lazy. I guess it taught me that green beans taste okay if you roast them in the oven.


Average: whatever 19 divided by 30 is. Actually I might change that last one to a 3 just so it’ll be 18/30 which I know is a 6/10 average. Which, thinking about it, means that 19/30 is 6.3333333333/10


Usually with these things the worry is that the portion sizes won’t be enough, but with all 3 meals (which contain 2 portions each) I had enough for me for dinner, with leftovers for the next day. I’m not sure the last one will be great tomorrow, though.

It was a good haul considering it didn’t cost me a thing, but I’m not sure I’d do it again and pay £30 for a box.

Until tomorrow, I need to find some more free samples.


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