August 15th 2020

Today I wanted to spend £130 on a pair of Comme des Garcons x Converse canvas low-top trainers,

but instead I spent £129.99 on a Vax Blade 24 V Cordless vacuum cleaner.

It’s a bit of cruel, cruel irony that the thing I wanted to buy was the exact same price as the thing I needed to buy. I need a new hoover. I don’t need new converse. Amazon discounting the hoover to a penny cheaper than the trainers was almost mocking me.

And yes I know that ‘hoover’ is a brand name and I’m using a proprietary eponym in place of ‘vacuum cleaner’ but it’s just what I call them okay.

I want the shoes. In my head it was one or the other. Really, I could still buy the shoes, but also in my head I’m thinking that it might be about time in my life that I make sensible financial decisions like buying a house or not spending £130 on a pair of trainers that I don’t need.

But they’re pretty. I’m not usually one to buy designer clothes, but I’m also not usually one to buy hoovers.

Which one would give me more joy? Which would give my feet more joy? The pretty trainers, or the hoover that could prevent me standing barefoot on a piece of broken glass.

That said, maybe I’d only be barefoot because I didn’t buy the Comme des Garcons x Converse canvas low-top trainers, did you ever think of that? Huh?

So really I should have bought the trainers and then never taken them off, because then I wouldn’t need a hoover.

Until tomorrow, dammit Amazon, you win again.


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