August 16th 2020

Today, as tends to happen, I didn’t enjoy the lazy Sunday I had been craving. I’ve done something every weekend for a month, and my next free weekend is the end of September, so this weekend was supposed to be a rest weekend.

I didn’t enjoy it.

I watched 3 good films today, but my head hurts from lying in bed staring at a screen and probably not drinking enough water in this still muggy heat. The films were:

Peanut Butter Falcon (heartwarming Huck Finn vibes), Knives Out (a whodunnit where they tell you whodidit 30 minutes into the film but it somehow doesn’t ruin it) and Tag (five adults playing a game of tag shouldn’t have been as funny as it was).

So the films were good, but my head hurts from watching them. I tried to read but the book was too close for my eyes to focus on. I am being dramatic, in case you hadn’t realised.

Until tomorrow, early night.


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