August 18th 2020

Today I struggled to find something to do to keep me entertained that didn’t involve focusing on something an arm’s length from my face.

I’ve had a migraine thing for, like, three days, either caused by or unaided by staring at my computer screen during my workday, and then staring at a screen for the rest of the day too. It’s been hurting my eyes and my head. And I’ve felt really weird.

So today after work I decided to not watch Netflix in bed. So I read a book in bed instead. That hurt too. It’s focussing on that point in the middle distance that is difficult. Thinking about it, as I am not forced to do by writing about it, that probably means I need to get an eye test.

Or, I have a headcold if that’s a real thing.

So reading hurt after a while too. And I couldn’t watch a screen any more. And… well, that kind of exhausted my list of things to do, which is a bit sad. I turned some music on, but I’ve always found that listening to music is more of a passive activity than an active… activity. As in, it’s something you do while you’re doing something else.

Just laying there listening to music and not doing anything else caused my brain to be enveloped. And that’s the opposite of what I was trying to achieve.

Cooking was okay. That didn’t hurt. But I didn’t have the right ingredients for an in-depth, drawn-out meal. Nor did I have the energy to cook one, to be fair. An attempt to elongate the cooking process, simply for something to fucking do, just left my pasta overcooked. So it goes.

After that, I was out of ideas. I could’ve dragged my desperately needed new hoover around my flat, but I really didn’t want to.

So I kind of just existed for a bit until it was an almost acceptable time to go to sleep.

Until tomorrow, and here we are.


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