August 21st 2020

Today I kept ordering cocktails until one of them seemed manly enough to finish on. The one I really wanted to finish on was an old fashioned, but I’m just not that kinda guy. As much as I wish I was.

I had a Pina Colada, and then a Hurricane, and then an Espresso Martini, and then I ordered an off-menu White Russian. That last one is very unlike me, because although a White Russian is my favourite drink, it wasn’t on the menu and it is uncommon for me to put a bar person out in that way.

Nevertheless, he delivered. With mostly ice, but he delivered.

Again, I wanted an old fashioned, because people who drink Whiskey are by default really cool, but I’m not really cool, so it kind of dilutes it a bit and puts me off. So I stuck to my fruity/coffee-flavoured drinks, and left the Whiskey to the real men.

Until tomorrow, I was still happy with my choices.


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