August 26th 2020

Today we drove 600 miles to near Ullapool on the north coast of Scotland. We did it in 3 shifts.

For Andy’s shift, I slept through most of it and woke up north of Carlisle. What happened between Swindon and Carlisle, I could not tell you. Mostly all of the M5, and then a bit of the M6. And then, to be fair, it gets quite pretty because you’re near the Lake District. And that’s lush. It’s lovely and hilly and doesn’t feel at all like England.

Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester? No idea. Slept through it.

After Carlisle, it was Aaron’s turn to drive. And he took us Dalwhinnie, which is a village in Scotland that consists entirely of a service station and a cafe. The cafe, to be fair, is alright. I can’t comment on the service station, though Carlisle’s was acceptable.

I wanted to drive the second leg, because I wanted to be a passenger for the third leg. Aaron’s shift was unremarkable because the M6 and the M74 are unremarkable.

It was after Inverness, by which point I was driving, where things got pretty. The wifi at this on-campsite bar is not going to be strong enough to show you proof, but please believe me when I tell you it was stunning.

And although part of me didn’t want to drive, it was a beautiful road to drive. The kind of road that belonged on a Top Gear Special. In fact, I think it was on a top gear special. The road was the A835, if you care to look it up. There was a dam. A damn dam.

Tomorrow, we kayak.

Tonight, I need to run, and then we can drink.

Until tomorrow, it’s beautiful here.


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