August 27th 2020

Today I’m going to sleep like a baby. Actually, a baby probably wouldn’t sleep very well on the floor in a tent with no pillow. That sounds horrible. Don’t do that. Basically, I’m very tired.

I spent all morning sea kayaking around the Summer Isles on the north western coast of Scotland. Sea kayaking is hard work. It’s basically a full upper body work out for hours. Especially when you’ve got to fight against the current.

It was pretty windy today, so the waves were particularly difficult. After a while of my biceps feeling like they were on fire, I remembered what Jim told me when we went sea kayaking in New Zealand. “Use your back not your biceps”

You should push your left hand through the air as your right arm pulls the paddle through the water. It’s the push, not the pull, that’s important. Once I remembered that, it was less painful. Cheers Jim. Miss you.

After kayaking, we went for a (something like) 8k hike up Old Dornie. It’s a big old hill with no discernible trail, so we forged our own. Mad lads. I refuse to accept that I “should” have packed hiking boots, but they perhaps would have helped.

Views were good, mind .

Although my trainers came in handy because after we’d climbed Dornie, I went straight into my run.

So I’ve kayaked, hiked and run a 5km today. I’m tired. I’m hungry. We’re waiting for a table at a seafood restaurant now and I don’t even care that I don’t eat seafood.

Until tomorrow, I’ll eat all the food right now.


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