August 28th 2020

Today I am, again, absolutely knackered after a day of kayaking around the summer isles.

We got adventurous today and went an indiscernible distance to the south. On the way down, the wind was behind us, and we were flying. We saw some seals. We saw some jellyfish. It was lovely and calm.

Floating downstream, it was super enjoyable. We stopped for a picnic — moored our boats on the shore and chased after them again when the tide changed and they began to float away.

After lunch we continued further south until what seemed an appropriate time to turn around.

When we turned around we realised why it had been so easy and pleasant on the way down. The current was guiding us down, but we were now fighting against it. And the return journey was a struggle.

The last shift was a pure 90 minute slog session and it wore me out. At one point I wanted to stop and head towards the beach for another rest stop, but Aaron wouldn’t let me. Fucking Aaron.

And so we powered on, and made it back to our campsite. It was tough. My biceps hurt now. And so does my back. And weirdly so did my legs, even though I hadn’t moved them for 5 hours. Maybe that’s why. Then I went for a run and they hurt again.

It was really good fun, and so so beautiful. The photos won’t load, but I’ll add them at some point below.

Until tomorrow, I go sleep now.


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