August 30th 2020

Today we capped off our trip to Scotland with a very strong day of food in Edinburgh. We sprinkled in a bit of sight seeing and a trip up Arthur’s Seat, but today was mainly about the food.

We started with a banging Full Scottish breakfast at Spoon’s Cafe on Nicholson street. A full Scottish differs from a full English only in the addition of a slab of haggis and a scotch pancake. Classic. Both of those things, it turns out, I enjoy. Spoon’s also did homemade Cajun-spiced baked beans, which was a nice touch.

The coffee there was the best I’ve had in Scotland, and it’s a cute little place overlooking the street below. A solid start to a day of food.

After that, we worked up an appetite by climbing Arthur’s Seat. Wearing running trainers, I was this time more prepared than my friends wearing Adidas Gazelles and Reebok Classic’s.


After the hike, we went to Hula Juice Bar for a full-on hipster lunch. The guys had fruit smoothies, but I had a milkshake because I didn’t trust the smoothies. I also had a harissa chicken toasted sourdough sandwich, and it was banging. I didn’t take a photo but just imagine it.

After lunch, Aaron and Andy carried on being tourists, and I went back to the hotel for an unashamed nap. When on a city break, there’s nothing wrong with napping in order recharge for the second half of the day and I won’t be told otherwise.

We met up for a beer before dinner and then headed to the brilliantly named Wee Buddha for my first Asian food of the trip. I wish I was hungry enough to have fully enjoyed all of it, but I had to leave some because I was so full. The starters were the highlight:

(Chicken gyoza, beef skewers, spring rolls, chilli squid)

After I rolled out of Wee Buddha looking like a, well, Wee Buddha, we went for cocktails at Tigerlily — a bougie as fuck cocktail bar more suited for first dates and anniversaries than 3 pals knackered from a week of kayaking and hiking. It was also a place that prioritised style over substance, because the drinks weren’t great and the service was poor. The decor, however, was fabulous.

And then, on the way back from Tigerlily, we got a mcdonalds. Oops.

Until tomorrow, I’m full.


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