August 31st 2020

Today I hit the culinary trinity of McDonald’s for breakfast, Subway for lunch, and ‘leftover frozen chilli I stole from my Mum because she felt pity for me and my tired self after six days in Scotland’ for dinner.

It was a long drive back from Edinburgh, but not as long as the original drive up to the Highlands, so I didn’t actually have to do any of the drive. I remained a passenger the entire way, which was nice, if not pretty boring. I exhausted both the content and the battery of my phone pretty quickly, and thus had to resort to vehemently singing along to the Spotify playlist for entertainment.

Also the Subway we got at Carlisle was crap. So was the McDonald’s breakfast. But after eating well in Edinburgh all weekend, today’s food goal was simply convenience.

Conveniently, my Mum played ball and gave me a chilli and a packet of rice to prevent me going hungry. Sure, by the time I got back to my flat in Cheltenham, the supermarket across the road was still open, but I just wanted to lie down.

Until tomorrow, speaking of which.


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