September 28th 2020 Today I feel weirdly more sure of myself. No idea where it’s come from. Not complaining, either. On one side, I feel more confident that I can make happen at work the projects that may once have overawed me. In work, and in life, I feel like I hold more conviction in my, well, convictions. I’ve kind of felt like a passenger for a little while, but now I think I’m just going to make my own decisions. Mad, that. It’s happened in like maybe the last 7 hours. I think I believe in myself. I believe … Continue reading Sure


September 27th 2020 Today, some media recommendations for you: First, watch “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things” on Netflix, but please promise me you won’t look up so much as a description of it if you do. I went in thinking it was a traditionally trashy romcom and oh boy was I wrong. When I was watching it, I actively disliked it, but I kind of couldn’t stop watching it. Nothing made any sense at first watch, and I was left incredibly confused and mostly disappointed by the film until I watched a review of it on YouTube that pointed out … Continue reading Recommendations


September 24th 2020 Today I struggled to motivate myself to work from home. We’re on this ‘voluntary basis’ right now, and no one volunteered to go in today. And so because no one else was going in, I chose not to either. I didn’t want to be in the office alone. That’s almost worse than working from home. I think because I’ve been in the office basically every day for a month, I’d begun to readjust. But yesterday was the first day I’ve worked at home again in, well, yeah… almost a month. I just said that. Anyway. Transitioning from … Continue reading Readjust


September 23rd 2020 Today we’re back to ‘working from the office on a voluntary basis’ after BoJo’s latest guidance on preventing the spread of coronavirus. I was barely through the second two weeks of the new “two weeks on two weeks off” schedule at the office, and now we’re back to ‘on a voluntary basis for those who find it difficult to work from home’. I find it difficult on a personal level, so I’m going to continue to volunteer to go into the office until someone tells me that I can’t. Except for today when I involuntarily woke up … Continue reading Volunteer


September 22nd 2020 Today I turned twentyseven. Despite everything, twenty six was actually one of my best years. I moved into my own place, I went to New Zealand on the holiday of a lifetime, I got promoted, I moved into my own place when my flatmate moved out, and I fell in love. All in all, that’s a pretty successful year, no matter how any of that turns out. Really, 26 was good, even though for a full six months of it we weren’t allowed to leave the house. The news of the day is that we’re almost starting … Continue reading Twentyseven