September 3rd 2020

Today I decided that I don’t like running in the dark. We’re now, depressingly, at the time of year where it starts to get dark before like 8pm, so because I got home late from work (or the restaurant we went to after work) I didn’t get out for a run until late.

By that point it was getting dark, and because I’m blind as fuck that means I can’t see anything. So when I’m running, people kind of just appear out of the bushes. And I don’t hear them coming because I’ve got headphones in. It’s freaky shit.

I can’t tell whether they’re looking at me, or coming towards me, or trying to tell me there’s a man chasing me (which at one point I felt like there was, but it was just a fellow night jogger who exactly matched my cadence and pace)

If I’ve been in the office, which from Monday I will be every day again for two weeks, these night runs are going to have to change. That means running in the morning, though, which is even less appealing than being chased round the park in the pitch black.

Until tomorrow, the sunset was pretty though.


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