September 4th 2020

Today was my great Uncle Ken’s funeral. In a weird way, it was quite a nice day. It was nice because I got to hear a bit more about him. I heard some stories of his childhood, and of his life, from people I’d never met before.

The fact that I’d never met them was weirdly reassuring, because I liked the fact that there were people I’d never met who had kind things to say about him. If that makes sense?

It was sad, though, that I’d never heard some of these stories while he was alive. Like, Ken went to watch England win the World Cup final at Wembley in 1966. I never knew that. That’s so cool. I wish I would have had the chance to speak to him about that.

Ken was a gardener for 50 years and, although I’m not one for religious speech, the priest at the church did quote some lovely and poignant biblical passages about gardens and I know my grandma liked that.

Looking through the photobooks, and hearing what people had to say about him, it was cool to learn more about his life from the times when it didn’t intersect with mine.

Until tomorrow, here’s to you, Kenneth Valentine George Eatwell.


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