September 6th 2020

Today I had a really good food day in Bath. We went to an extremely instagrammable cafe called Good Day Cafe for a very instagrammable breakfast of Eggs Benedict and coffee:

And then after working up an appetite playing tenpin bowling (because we played mini golf yesterday and needed something else to be competitive about today) we went to Graze for a roast dinner.

I’ve not eaten a roast dinner at a restaurant for a long time, but this one was pretty special:

I gambled and went for beef, and it paid off.

I spend far too much money on food. That’s been a problem my entire working life. But I just like it okay. It brings me joy, if only temporarily. Other than Instagram photos, I don’t have anything to show for the money that I spend on food. It just disappears.

And besides, I didn’t even Instagram my food today because Steve told me that no one wants to see it. Which is probably true. But at least it serves as a reminder of the joy that that food temporarily brought me.

Until tomorrow, it was a good food day.


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