September 7th 2020

Today was my first ‘official’ day back in the office ‘post’-covid. I say ‘official’, because I’ve been voluntarily going back into the office a couple times a week for over a month, and I say ‘post’ because covid hasn’t just stopped being a thing just because we decided that we were bored of it.

I haven’t seen the stats myself, but I overheard someone say today that yesterday we had the highest number of new cases in a day since June. And that makes sense, with the kids going back to school and everything.

I have seen that the government/the media are blaming ‘young people’ for the increasing spread of covid, which is an interesting take when it was the government/the media that encouraged us to go out to restaurants and #do #our #bit to hashtag help out and restart the economy, and it’s the government that have said that we can go back to work, and go to the pub, and go to the gym. And fuck it, send your kids to school too.

Like, sure, illegal raves = bad, and I feel like I probably broke some social distancing protocols by going to a house party in London a few weeks ago, but it’s hard to abide by the rules when you’re not really sure what they are. That might be my fault, but it just feels like there’s no consistency in any of the guidelines.

Like, if I want to go to a restaurant with my boss, I can, and if I want to sit next to him in the pub, I can, I could even go to the gym with him if I really wanted to, but if I want to have a meeting with him at work I need to sit two metres away from him and wear a mask.

And I can’t blame my work for that hypocrisy, because they’re just following the guidelines that the government have given them. And, sure, it’s a bit stupid that I have to wear a mask in Tesco but not in a pub, but both of those places are just following their respective guidelines.

So all anyone can do, other than apply general common sense, is follow the government guidelines that they have been provided. It’s just there seems to be no consistency in any of them, so I feel at a bit of a loss about the whole thing. Am I breaking the rules? I don’t know, maybe. Is it going to get better? I don’t know, maybe. Will we be back to working from home in four weeks when this return-to-work experiment dramatically implodes and maybe kills a person? I don’t know, maybe.

Until tomorrow, really, no one knows.


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