September 8th 2020

Today I couldn’t buy lunch because Greggs was only accepting cash. It’s 2020 ft. a pandemic, so I don’t carry cash. I also don’t carry a wallet. If I ever want to buy something, I use Apple Pay on my phone, because the contactless limit is like £100,000, and if I’m ever in a situation where I’m buying something for more than £100,000 with cash that is directly in my bank account, then it’s probably not going to be at a Greggs in Gloucester on a Tuesday lunchtime.

Because you cannot (yet) use Apple Pay to withdraw cash, I had no way of buying Greggs. It won’t be long before cash withdrawal is widely possible with Apple Pay, but we’re not there yet.

To be honest, one thing I’m hoping comes as a result of this pandemic, is the death of cash. It’s 2020. Why bother. Shops are contactless now. Market stalls are contactless now. I’ve been on the tube in London and a busker playing a saxophone had a contactless EPOS machine on his belt. Cash is dead.

Sure, I could carry a wallet, but A) I don’t really know where it is at this point, and B) it’s rare that any establishment won’t accept Apple Pay. They even accepted it when I was in Scotland last weekend! (unnecessary dig at the zero Scottish people who will read this blog).

Also, I’m 26 and I have a beard, so no I don’t really get ID’d anymore, so I don’t have to worry about carrying my driving license if I’m buying booze. That said, in Waitrose the other week I was asked for ID when buying wine. I told her I didn’t have any ID on me but removed my facemask as some sort of bearded proof of age. It worked.

Anyway, Ross had his wallet on him so he bought me Greggs.

Until tomorrow, cheers boss.


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