September 11th 2020

Today I successfully completed a week in the office without buying lunch from a restaurant even once. Sure, for the four days I was in the office I bought something from town, but a £5 sandwich is a lot better than the £30-50 I tend to spend on a lunch at Wagamama or Cote Brasserie usually.

I’m pretty broke this month, so I’m tying to be careful and not just eat all my money like I usually do. So for this whole weak I have stayed steadfast in my decision not to do that thing we do where we end up at a restaurant for lunch three out of the five days of our working week.

This was our first official week back in the office, so it was good not to establish a dangerous, and expensive precedent, though part of me thinks that we’ll be back on full lockdown again within a couple months anyway, so avoiding restaurants will be easier.

We’re still not allowed to use the microwaves, and I basically have to have hot food for lunch, so unless I start eating Pot Noodles (which, to be honest, I’ve considered) I still need to walk into town to buy a Greggs or a bageuete or an underwhelming curry from the market stall.

Despite the fact that if you add up those lunches I have bought it almost probably comes to a Wagas anyway, I am glad that I avoided Wagas this week.

Until tomorrow, my wallet is too.


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