September 12th 2020

Today was a reset day. Other than to feed myself and go for a run, I barely got out of bed. I did some washing. I changed my bed sheets. I did bare minimum stuff to make it not a complete waste of a day, but I kind of needed it for the sake of my mental health.

Sometimes you just need a day in bed to reset. Sometimes I think I need a day in bed but then end up feeling worse for it. Today was one of those.

My grandma was rushed to hospital today, and although we were quickly reassured that she’s fine, I should have driven home to spend the night with my Mum. But I just couldn’t face getting out of bed. That’s bad, really, I know it is.

I just needed to switch off. To restore to factory settings. To restart. To reset. I think I’ve got to the end of this metaphor and realised it doesn’t scan as well as I’d hoped.

Until tomorrow, tomorrow might be a reset day too.


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