September 14th 2020

Today past me did future me a favour by going for a run as soon as I woke up. Future me would not have wanted to run when I got home from work, and past me knew that.

Past me isn’t always a dick to future me. Sometimes past me is fiscally irresponsible and future me has to deal with it, but occasionally past me protects future me from situations that future me would rather avoid.

It’s rare that I go for a run before 8am, because, in recent history, it’s rare that I’m out of bed before 8am. Especially with lockdown/covid/working from home. Since March, I’ve mostly worked in my pyjamas in my home office and rolled out of bed at a solid 9:01. 9:29 occasionally because I actually have to be on a video call at half past.

But today, I ran!

I might do it again tomorrow, because it’s an inoffensive way to start a day, and is better than the alternative of A) staying in bed and being late for work therefore meaning that B) I’m late home from work and therefore don’t want to run. And definitely prefereable to C) I run during my lunchbreak and spend the rest of the afternoon sweating at my desk in the office.

Until tomorrow, mayeb I’m a morning person now, though I doubt it.


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