September 19th 2020

Today my Mum and Dad accidentally nailed the birthday celebration for me that they didn’t realise that they was throwing. It’s my birthday on Tuesday, and considering I’d told them I was coming over tonight and neither me or my parents had mentioned doing anything on Tuesday, I’d kind of assumed that tonight would be the night that we’d “celebrate” my birthday.

My mum, however, didn’t realise this and instead was planning to celebrate it on Tuesday at a family dinner that she had not yet invited me to. Though she had invited my sister.

Even so, tonight she managed to throw a pretty decent birthday celebration, if not completely accidentally.

My parents are looking after my niece this weekend, so having her present (/try to steal) my present was a nice touch:

And then, because Mum didn’t really realise I was coming, we had to share a two person Hello Fresh meal between the three of us, which worked out well for me if not for my Mum, whose portion was small enough that I never actually saw it.

Of course it was Asian food. It was accidentally my birthday, of course.

And then, Mum added perhaps the most welcome of accidental birthday treats. The espresso martini:

All in all, that’s a pretty strong accidental birthday. It contained most of my favourite things, and most of my favourite people. As I see it, really, there’s no point even celebrating it on Tuesday.

Until tomorrow, there were two more espresso martinis.


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