September 21st 2020

Today I’m happy wth the new adaptation to my running regime. I’m still running 5k every day, but now I’m going to be doing maybe 3 of those runs a week with my boss.

She’s looking to regain her previous speed, and I said that I’d take her out for an excuse for her to get some faster runs in during the week. She’s worried about slowing me down or, as she, obviously an owner of three dogs, put it, “I’m worried you won’t be getting the exercise you need!”

But the important thing for me is not the speed that I do my 5k at, it’s just that I do it. I’m not training for anything. I don’t want to do a sub-20, or a half marathon, I just want to commit 30 minutes of my day, every day, to being outside running.

Until tomorrow, today it was actually 32 minutes, but we’ll get that under 30 before long.


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